Reverse Engineering

Deliver precise digital 3D models and CAD assemblies of physical objects for 3D Inspection, design, engineering, and manufacturing using reverse engineering. Geomagic® reverse engineering software makes the process of digitally representing and engineering from the physical world fast, easy, and accurate. Download an eBook to learn how to drive product innovation with reverse engineering. Not sure which reverse engineering software is right for you? Download the decision tree.

We use purpose-built point cloud to CAD reverse engineering for converting 3D scan data into high-quality feature-based CAD models. We do what many other reverse engineering houses can't do.

With a combination of automatic and guided solid model extraction, incredibly accurate exact surface fitting to organic 3D scans, mesh editing and point cloud processing. We can now, using reverse engineering, take any point cloud and create manufacturing-ready designs.


We can seamlessly add 3D scanning into your regular reverse engineering design process so you can do more and work faster. We are directly compatible with the native output to SOLIDWORKS®Siemens NX®Solid EdgeAutodesk Inventor®PTC Creo® and Pro/ENGINEER® using the patented LiveTransfer technology. This enables very rapid transition of your scanned model into the mainstream CAD environment that you use.

3D Reverse Engineering Services

Product design and manufacturing

- Legacy part repair and re-manufacturing

- Product benchmarking

- Documentation and archival

- Product redesign

Facilities maintenance and plant engineering

- Site documentation and measurement

- As-is analysis

- Equipment placement and installation

- Documentation and archival


Architectural and civil engineering

- Defect/deterioration documentation

- Remodeling and repair

- Site planning



  • Captures as-built state

  • Includes manufacturing defects

  • Patch-work of small surfaces

  • Non Class A surface finish

Custom manufacturing

- Custom-fit products

- Medical devices




  • Ideal data converted from scan data

  • Can ignore or incorporate manufacturing defects

  • Parametric solid model

  • Modify model parametrically

  • Can be Class A surfaced



  • Ideal data converted from scan data

  • Can ignore or incorporate manufacturing defects

  • “Dumb” IGES surfaces or solid

  • Modifications require re-trimming

  • Can be Class A surfaced

Want to understand more about 3D scanning?

We supports all major scanners and portable CMMs seamlessly. Read our 3D scanning guide to find out what types of scanner can work for your needs.