GigaBot™  Robotic high speed Automated Optical Inspection System

Robotic high speed Automated Optical Inspection System

Xtura & Inovo Robotics have developed GigaBot™ the worlds first industrial Automated Optical Inspection Solution based on target-less photogrammetry

GigaBot™ is an in/off-line Automated Optical Inspection and quality solution with an integrated GigaScan™ Photogrammetry 3D Scanner. 

A Cobot, single Camera, Lens and Controller is the base of our GigaBot™ automated optical inspection and quality metrology solution. 

The GigaScan™ technology incorporated into the GigaBot™ is a highly flexible, collaborative robot from lnovo matched with our custom calibrated high accuracy GigaScan™ camera.

GigaBot™ uses markerless (no stickers) photogrammetry which is different from other 3D Scanning technologies used in the industry today, it allows you the customer, the freedom to solve some of the more difficult in-line and off-line metrology challenges.

Capture a body-in-white, sheet metal inspection, weld seams on a part in production or interior trim analysing.

How does it work?

Canon technology

GigaScan™ - Automated Optical Inspection calibration & Software

Inovo Cobot

  • Canon renowned product quality

  • 3 year warranty on camera and lens

  • High accuracy and pixel density

  • Unique camera calibration for high accuracy automated optical inspection scanning

  • Unix based software for calculations, stability and speed

  • Compatible with all analysing softwares

  • Modular Robotics made easy

  • Up to 10kg payload 

  • Easy to use interface

How does the GigaBot Automated Optical Inspection Scanner work?

Automated Optical Inpsection Process

The GigaScan™  automated optical inspection scanner uses target-less photogrammetry technology. This technology is used for both calibration and capture.

There is no procedure for calibrating the working volume which involves targets. This is unique for the GigaScan™ automated optical inspection system. We use a pre-calibrated camera for all capturing. The accuracy is dependent on the number of images and over lap between them in relation to the calibrated camera.

This guarantees the greatest accuracy irrespective of the robot working conditions.


GigaBot XT¹



Pixel Unit -square 


Shutter Speed

Diagonal Angle of View

External Flash


Back up Camera



Working temp. range

5μm + 6μm/m 

47.1 megapixel 

Approx. 4.40 μm square 


1/8000-0.5 sec

from 84° dependent on Yes







GigaBot XT²

25μm + 8μm/m 

21.4 megapixel 

Approx. 6.56 μm square 


1/8000-0.5 sec

from 84° dependent on Yes







GigaBot XT³

35μm + 10μm/m 

27.1 megapixel 

Approx. 5.76 μm square 


1/4000-30 sec

from 84° dependent on Yes






GigaBot Technical Specifications

As can be seen in the table of system features above, the GigaBot™ automated optical inspection system produces routine 3D measurement accuracy on a 3m object in the range with higher precision being possible. The GigaBot™ automated optical inspection system exemplifies all of the fundamental advantages of photogrammetry: it is non-contact, immune to vibration and movement, and supports fast on-site automatic data capturing. The GigaScan™ automated optical inspecton system has been fully tested and validated in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2634 standard for optical 3D measurement systems.

Key Benefits

Fast 3D Scanning

• Up to 10 times faster than traditonal measuring machines

• Scan acquisition time is approx. 0.02s


Flexible Solution

• Unique scanner using 3D points and colour from the product for analysing

• 3rd party software for measuring standard geometrical features and 3D/2D analyses (such as surface, points, holes, trim points, colour maps, GD&T, flush & gap etc also possible to measure specific geometrical inspection such as spatters detection, wrinkles


Shop Floor Inspection

• The GigaBot™ automated optical inspection solution can be installed on the shop-floor in your production area or off-line

• Inspect on the shop-floor close to the manufacturing area


Cost Effective

• Cost reduction by eliminating the use of traditional control jigs.

• No Human interaction once the part is already programmed

Ease of Use

• Automated Optical Inspection reports or one-click reporting

• 1 Software Package fully compatible with all 3rd party analysing software with the option of direct integration.


• Xtura is uniquely qualified with the expertise in both targetless photogrammetry, robotics and automated optical inspection inspection scanning


One Scanner Multi Functions

• Same technology for High level accuracy measurements and low level accuracy 3D inspection

• Certified in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2634 standard for optical 3D measurement systems.

• GigaScan™ camera technology captures from 22 million points/shot (with a pixel density from µ6.56)


3D Analysis

• Trend analysis

• Digital Twin Analysis

• Traceability of the manufactured part