XTURA - The Manufacturer of Industrial Photogrammetry.

We design & develop GigaScan™ automated 3D scanning systems.


Experts in 3D Scanning and Measurement

We develop 3D Sensors for Metrology Solutions and Special Applications based on our revolutionary 

Photogrammetry Inspection technology.

Our Mission

We started working on the GigaScan Technology about 8 years ago with the intent of develop a flexible 3D scanning solution based on target less photogrammetry but it had to be as accurate or better than what is on the market today. We believe this technology will help to take the next step in production based metrology.

The GigaScan™ Technology

XTURA has developed a novel metrology grade 3D scanning technology based on photogrammetry.


Since we started our research more than 8 years ago our goal has been to develop targets less photogrammetry technology that can be used for high-accuracy applications, capturing the full surface of any sized objects.

GigaScan™ technology delivers this

Dynamic 3D Scanning

Turbine Blade Inspection System

GigaScan Product line


Product Teaser

​​A preview of a new collaboration between XTURA - GigaScan™ Technologies and Inovo Robotics! An industrial photogrammetry system that allows large parts to be scanned in high resolution 3D, to automatically inspect thousands of tolerances on any part, identifying manufacturing defects in a matter of minutes.

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